Business banking, reimagined for ecommerce

Highbeam is the first banking service built from the ground up for ecommerce entrepreneurs.
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No fees. Seriously.

Highbeam offers a ready-to-use cash account and business visa card with no fees.
No monthly fees
No minimum balance
No transaction fees

Everything you need to run your ecommerce business.

Cards to track spend
Create multiple cards with different limits to manage all your vendors and spend
Cash rewards that matter
Highbeam offers 2% cashback on marketing spend - our way to help boost that ROAS
Free instant payouts
We know cash flow is critical to your business - we offer instant access to your payouts
Ecommerce experts on call
Our team are ecommerce finance experts and are here to help
No hidden fees or rates
We don’t believe in “low fixed fee” rates that translate to a 25%-50% APR
Purpose built accounts
With separate accounts for taxes and marketing, you can make sure you always have a live view into your finances

Open an account from your computer in less than 5 minutes

Opening an account with Highbeam does not require a credit check.

Select your business type

Enter your personal information

Connect your ecommerce accounts

Start using your cash account and cards

Highbeam is secure by design

Highbeam offers a ready-to-use cash account and business visa card with no fees. Your account is FDIC insured up to $250K.
Get early access

Get your money faster

Don’t wait two or more days to get access to your money from Shopify and Amazon. It's your money, don't pay to get it.
With Highbeam, you get no-fee instant payouts the same day so you can grow faster.

Best in class ecommerce rewards with Highbeam Visa

Have control over your money by creating virtual cards based on your needs. All of our cards feature:
2% cashback on all marketing expenses
1% cashback on all other spend
No minimum monthly spend
Usable anywhere VISA is accepted
No fees

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