Banking that moves as fast as your ecommerce brand

Real-time insights to manage cash flow, refreshingly transparent credit, and best-in-class banking built for brands

Designed to make you profitable,
not profit off you

Cash-flow, instantly
Real-time insights on expenses so there are no month end surprises
Credit, responsibly
Delightfully transparent and meant to be used when you need
Operate, quickly
Instant payouts, no wire limits, 24/7 service and more

If banking was built for brands, we would expect...

Instant payouts from Shopify and Amazon

We insure deposits up to $250,000 through Blue Ridge Bank, so rest assured your money is safe.

2% cash back on ad spend

You’re spending hundreds of thousands a month on ads, why not get some of that hard working money back?

4% APY on your cash

When you have cash sitting in Highbeam you benefit from the most competitive savings interest rate on the market.

No fee banking

No hidden fees. No monthly fees. No overdraft fees. No minimums. Just, no fees.

Take the pain out of payables

Save on international wires
We give you international wire transfers at the best rates, so you’re not losing money when paying suppliers.
Consolidate invoices
Attach invoices to transactions keeping a clean and searchable record.
Search transactions
Easily search payments to vendors and view spend in one dashboard.

Get savings that actually matter

We’ve partnered with the leading ecommerce tools and services to get you monthly and annual savings.

One card, many cards, and cashback with a card that keeps you on track

Set limits on your spend so you don’t have to worry about surprise billing, and earn money on every dollar you spend.

2% cashback
on ads
1% cashback
on everything
No fees  
No limits

Highbeam gives you best-in-class banking features, for free

Here’s how we stack up against the banks you’re used to dealing with.

Start making sense of your expenses today

Don’t worry about switching banks, cards, or anything else. Start getting insights when you connect your store data.

Add us as a banking partner
(takes less than 5 minutes)

We check all the boxes.

FDIC insured

We insure deposits up to $250,000 through Blue Ridge Bank, so rest assured your money is safe.

Built by ecommerce experts

Built by a team with deep operating experience in ecommerce and finance. Backed by FirstMark and Mayfield Fund.

Always secure

We never use your data without permission and have enterprise grade security to keep your information safe and secure.

1:1 support to help you grow

When you bank with Highbeam, you tap into our network of high-growth brands and preferred vendors.


What do I need to apply for an account?

Highbeam is open to ecommerce and omni-channel brands. To be eligible, you must be a U.S. company with the following:

  • Personal identification documents from the business owner
  • The business’s Employer Identification Number (if applicable)
  • Business name, industry, address, email, and telephone number
  • Registration certificates, business licenses, and/or articles of incorporation
Are my funds insured?

Yes, your checking accounts are insured up to the FDIC limit of $250,000*. You can learn more about FDIC insurance here.

* Highbeam is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.; Member FDIC.

What does Highbeam cost?

We believe in transparent, accessible financial services. Because of that, there are no hidden fees or costs. That is, no minimum account balance needed, no ACH, domestic wire or overdraft fees, and no monthly or annual fees. Advanced features such as Highbeam Capital charges a flat interest rate on loans, clearly called out as APR. International transfers sent in USD have a flat fee of $20 to cover SWIFT charges and non-USD transfers are free after currency exchange.

Can I send money via ACH (electronic transfer)?

Yes, ACH (electronic transfers) are free with any Highbeam account.

Can I send wire transfers?

Yes, domestic wire transfers are free with any Highbeam account.

Can I send wire transfers internationally?

Yes, we support international wire transfers. USD transfers have a flat fee of $20 to cover SWIFT charges and for non-USD transfers Highbeam provides no-fee currency exchange.

Can I deposit checks in my account?

Yes, you can use electronic check deposits for free with any Highbeam account.

Banking that helps brand owners make smarter decisions

Real-time insights to manage cash-flow, refreshingly transparent credit, and delightful perks like high-yield deposit accounts.