High limit, instant, and responsible credit to help working capital needs

We give you credit on terms that your bank won’t, with a speed that your bank can’t.

Instant access to capital when you need it,
built with your interest in mind

High limit
Based on your revenue, not credit history
Fast, within a day
Pain free and virtually instant cash with no hidden or admin fees
No personal backing
No personal guarantees means you can borrow cash, worry free

Highbeam Capital is the profitable way to scale my business. Highbeam stands next to me, providing a safety net and a transparent line of credit. Unlike a debt provider, I know we can build together for the long run.

Mickey Ashmore
Founder and CEO, Sabah

Fast funding options can be predatory.
We make it easy to understand fees vs. rates

Our credit comparison tool allows you to compare true interest rates not “fees,” giving you an apples to apples view.

Our banking line of credit means it’s flexible, smart, and transparent

Get cash based on your needs, not ours

Rather than a one-time cash infusion, draw down funds as you need it. This means you only pay interest on the money used, rather than on the total loan amount you would pay for a "cash advance."

Automatic repayments means one less thing to worry about

This helps you save money on interest payments by automatically pulling back cash that would have sat idle in your bank account. Pause or pay on a schedule that works best for you.

Not to brag, but we check all the boxes

Here’s how we stack up against other credit lenders


What is a revolving line of credit?

A revolving line of credit (LOC) is a preset borrowing limit that can be utilized or repaid at any time. This means you can withdraw money as needed until the limit is reached. As the loan is repaid, the money becomes available again for withdrawal.

Does Highbeam require a hard credit pull?

No, we do not require a hard pull while opening an account. We will always get approval prior to any credit checks while activating our credit products.

How much credit can I get from Highbeam?

The amount varies, but typically Highbeam extends up to a brand’s average monthly revenue.

Does Highbeam require a personal guarantee?

No, Highbeam provides business loans that do not require personal guarantees.

Does Highbeam charge interest?

We believe in transparent interest rates and credit products. We calculate interest daily at a flat, pre-determined APR based on the amount of principal outstanding.

How does this differ from a merchant cash advance or other “flat fee” loan products?

A line of credit is designed to be more flexible from both a withdrawal and payback perspective. It is designed to save you money because you only pay interest on the capital you utilize, not the total amount available to you. Most fee-based loans charge you a predetermined fee with a fixed payback schedule, regardless of when or how much capital you utilize. Read more about the difference here.

How long does it take to get a credit offer from Highbeam?

Once you open an account and connect your store data, we can calculate a line of credit offer within two business days.

What is APR?

Annual percentage rate (APR) refers to the all-in yearly interest charged to borrowers of a loan. The APR provides business owners with a bottom-line number they can compare among lenders, credit cards, or investment products.

How does repayment work?

Highbeam will withhold loan prepayment at a predetermined rate based on a percentage of daily sales and time. You can determine the rate at which you repay a loan when you draw down on your line of credit.

Are there any fees to repaying my loan early?

No, we do not charge any prepayment penalties. This is different from a cash advance, where paying early, translates to a higher effective interest rate.

How can I apply for credit?

To apply, follow this link.

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