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March 8, 2023
10 min read

Founder's guide: banking for high-growth merchants

Why does it feel like big national banks are doing you a favor by taking your business?

But how many people really love their bank? They are your most important financial partner but rarely make you feel valued.

The hard truth is traditional banks have failed brands because they don’t understand the financial nuances or unique needs of ecommerce.

That’s why “national” banks frequently make it so hard for online brands. Examples include: 

  • Painful interfaces
  • Lengthy forms and approval processes
  • High fees and costs
  • Poor customer service, requiring you to come into the branch
  • Low interest rates on deposits
  • Wire and ACH fees
  • No line of credit

Your bank is the financial hub that handles your most valuable capital, yet it feels like you have to earn their love and respect everyday.

Your bank should be your trusted financial partner

To compensate for their bank’s shortcomings, ecom brands have resorted to ad-hoc financial management tools for banking, credit, and cash management. 

For example, many brands use Wise to transfer money abroad. Why? Because their bank doesn’t make international payments simple, fast, or cheap. 

Even worse, many brands have resorted to highly predatory cash advances. Why? Because they couldn’t get a fair and sizable loan from a bank. 

We believe core financial services necessary to run an ecommerce brand should be built directly into one exceptional banking platform. 

Above all, we believe your bank should be a trusted financial partner: a party that deeply understands your business and makes running your company effortless, not more complicated. 

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What if your banking partner was truly built for ecommerce? 

Your banking partner doesn’t have to be an impersonal, automated machine. 

Highbeam is an ecommerce banking platform that helps ecommerce founders make smarter decisions and run their brand more profitably. 

We are past ecommerce operators and tried-and-true experts, and know how to help you make the right decisions for long-term growth — across banking, credit, and cash management.

We understand how important cash flow is to an ecommerce brand. So we’ve built a banking stack that actually helps you run your business better. It includes: 

  • High interest bank accounts so your cash is always working for you
  • Integrated and instant credit so you only pay interest when you really need the cash
  • Best-in-class international currency conversion
  • Instant payouts from Shopify and Amazon so you get your cash faster
  • Spend management tools and insights
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 2% cashback

How does Highbeam provide more than just banking? 

Our vision of ecommerce business banking is deeply collaborative. Being able to support a founder’s business growth is the most rewarding aspect of what we do.

Your company shouldn’t be built in isolation. While Highbeam handles clients individually, connections are also made every day. 

Being part of Highbeam’s community allows you to meet other ecom founders and industry insiders with similar pain points and – more importantly – tried and true best practices and solutions.

We're here to help brand operators grow their business for the long term.

It takes less than five minutes to sign up and secure the banking partner your brand deserves. 

Banking that helps brands
make smarter decisions

Automate your cash flow with real-time insights, refreshingly transparent credit, and high yield deposit accounts.