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August 22, 2023
10 min read

Introducing the Highbeam value calculator

Brand finances are typically working capital intensive with highly variable cash inflows and outflows. This can make managing cash flow challenging when you have to plan for marketing and inventory spend ahead of sales. We built Highbeam to help automate and maximize this cash flow to add value to your business.

We are excited to launch a value calculator to help brands estimate these savings based on their estimated yearly sales. The results can be refined by customizing the inputs of the drivers of value (described below):


  • Operating yield: Unlike most banks we offer daily compounded interest in our primary deposit accounts. Tiers range from 3% for accounts with $250,000 balance to 1.5% with $100,000 minimum balance.
  • High yield savings: Our high yield banking deposit accounts offer instant liquidity and access with $2.5M FDIC insurance built in. Earn 4.5% daily compounded yield with balances greater than $1,000,000 and 4% with balances less than $1,000,000.
  • Automated daily sweep: Set a target operating balance and Highbeam will move money daily between operating and high yield to maintain that target - so you automatically maximize yield. For finance teams that manually manage this weekly we can integrate with your existing process and automate reporting.

Learn more about our banking features here.


  • Compared to fixed fee cash advances: Most merchant cash advances (MCAs) make it hard to calculate an APR. Get an estimate of what you’re actually paying by comparing offers here. A better APR rate and complete flexibility on when you draw down and payback can result in up to 70% cheaper capital with a Highbeam banking line of credit.
  • Compared to other lines of credit: Highbeam offers unsecured, transparent lines of credit which can be used to pay suppliers directly through our banking platform. We usually offer higher limits than legacy banks with offers processed in 24 hours. Typically we require a minimum of $1M in yearly sales to provide a line of credit.

Learn more about our capital features here.


  • Uncapped 2% cash back on advertising: Most brands spent significant amounts on advertising on their cards. We offer 2% cash-back on advertising with same day payback or 1.5% cash-back with up to 45 days interest free.
  • High limits and vendor controls: Reduce card declines by connecting your cards to your line of credit. Create unlimited virtual cards to manage vendor and team member spend.

Learn more about our card features here.

Wires and fees

  • No fees or minimums: No ACH or wire fees. No account minimums or payment fees.
  • Currency conversion: Use Highbeam currency conversion to send money to your international suppliers and save tens of thousands with a transparent, best in class exchange rate. All built in by default.

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