Power up with Highbeam’s Cash Forecasting

CFOs use Highbeam to streamline their workflow and spend time on high-value analysis.

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Get cashflow data more quickly and streamline your workflow

Cashflow reporting

Manual CSV exports that allow you to pull in data for cashflow templating.

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illustration of finance informaiton organisez into financing, cash in and cash out

Don’t waste time cleaning data

We take data from all spend sources, clean it, structure it, and deliver it to you in flexible sheets that allow you to do high value analysis.

Tap into our network of brands

We work with high-growth brands who often need advisory and accounting solutions as they scale.

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The more horsepower you dedicate to cash management functions early on, the better set up you are for the future and the fewer headaches you’ll have downstream.

David Whitcroft
Head of Consumer & CFO, Full Stack Finance

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Automate your cash flow with real-time insights, refreshingly transparent credit, and high yield deposit accounts.