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Aug 3, 2022
10 min read

Founder's guide: financial insights for DTC brands

Today’s economic reality requires ecommerce brands to focus on maximizing profitability and free cash flow. That’s because the “grow at all costs” and sales led playbook of the last few years does not work in today’s high interest environment. 

But managing for profitability isn’t easy. 

An ecommerce brand can feel like a very expensive “black box” that just consumes revenue. 

Current solutions like utilizing spreadsheets, outdated accounting statements, or monitoring basic metrics like topline sales and bank balances are error prone, delayed, time consuming, and more.

That’s why every ecommerce operator needs real time and actionable controls and insights to manage their cash flow.

Why spend management matters

Proactive spend management saves you serious time and money. When you consider that the average ecommerce store has a profit margin of 10%, that means every $1 saved is equivalent to earning $10 in sales.

Simplifying how you view and manage all of your spend in real time is critical.

By aggregating all of your stores, credit cards, and bank accounts into a single dashboard, Highbeam provides you with actionable spend insights, alerts, and controls.

Real-time cash management built for ecommerce

Everyday, you face questions on how to invest in your business:

  • Can I spend more on this new marketing campaign?
  • Can I afford to take on more inventory?
  • What happens if sales drop next month?
  • Can I open a physical store or move into wholesale?

These questions highlight why accurate cash planning and forecasting are not only difficult, but also necessary.

Highbeam’s streamlined cash management tools give you the confidence to own your inventory, marketing, and supply spend by giving you an automated and up-to-date three-month forecast on where your business is headed. 

This lets you stop relying on belated spend reports and start understanding your cash in real-time. With Highbeam, now is the time to build a strong financial foundation.

Banking that helps brands
make smarter decisions

Automate your cash flow with real-time insights, refreshingly transparent credit, and high yield deposit accounts.