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Aug 3, 2022
10 min read

How Highbeam puts your DTC brand’s cash flow management on autopilot (and saves you tens of thousands)

Highbeam has launched our biggest product refresh to date to become the most intelligent, all-in-one banking solution for ecommerce brands. Here are the highlights of our new features (now available to existing and new Highbeam customers):

  • Daily compound yield in both primary and high yield accounts. Setup auto sweep to maximize yield with up to 4.5% deposit interest
  • $2.5M FDIC insurance built into every customer account so you can scale with confidence
  • Instant access to a banking line of credit with automated underwriting and high limits. Setup autopay rules on both principal and interest to minimize total cost
  • Uncapped 1.5% cash back on advertising and up to 45 days interest free with our high limit credit cards

For our early adopters these features have saved significant time and money - see how much it could be worth for your brand with our value calculator.

We launched Highbeam because we believe that brands’ financial needs are unique and these businesses deserve a banking solution specifically designed for their needs.

Since launch, we’ve onboarded hundreds of brands representing hundreds of millions of annual sales that chose Highbeam as their banking partner. We’ve saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours annually on their cash flow management through our all-in-one, automated platform.

Now, we’ve made Highbeam even better. We listened to your feedback to build the most intelligent banking solution for multi-million dollar brands. With our new financial products and automation, Highbeam can put your cashflow management on autopilot to navigate through the daily inflows and outflows of money, freeing up your time and focus to scale your business.

We’re putting your brand in control

Highbeam’s upgraded suite of financial products and automation allows brands to easily put their yield, credit, and payments on autopilot with one fully secure platform with $2.5M FDIC insurance for every account.

Interested in learning more? Sign up now or reach out to us with questions at hello@highbeam.co. Or, keep reading for a full breakdown of the new and improved Highbeam:

Automated yield on cash-flow

Brands know the importance of putting hard-earned dollars to work. As an industry first, we are offering daily yield in your operating account AND automatically moving money between it and your high yield account. With this auto-sweep back and forth into the high yield account, we’re working to ensure that every dollar coming in makes you more. Through our maximum yield, you can earn up to 3% and 4.5% APY with Highbeam’s operating and high yield accounts. In today’s high interest rate environment this is an essential lever to drive profitability, and now you don’t need an in-house treasury team to manually manage this.

10x the default FDIC insurance

Running a brand can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for a curveball. Having peace of mind around your money matters. That’s why Highbeam offers security as you scale, with $2.5 million of FDIC insurance built into every account for free through our banking partners.

Instant access to credit for working capital

Ecommerce businesses face the challenge of needing to forecast payments for suppliers and predict advertising spend, which makes having instant access to a banking line of credit essential. Highbeam uniquely offers instant capital designed to meet your needs via an integrated banking line of credit with immediate access to fair, flexible, and transparent financing. Automated underwriting is designed to boost your levels every month as your business grows.

Supercharged cards

We designed a card specifically for multi-million dollar brands, because we know your advertising spend is a major budget line item. Our new card is tied to your line of credit with 1.5% uncapped cash back on advertising and up to 45 days interest free. We have no late fees, high limits and the ability to create unlimited virtual and physical cards for vendors and team members.

No nickel and diming

Banks may surprise you with additional charges, especially when operating across international borders. Highbeam offers no-fee banking and automated payments. Your brand can schedule payments, pay with credit, and get the best exchange rates for international currency conversion.

Real-time insights

Brands often rely on outdated financial statements to forecast the future. But better data helps your brand make smarter decisions. That’s why Highbeam provides real time analytics, including free, real-time cash flow insights and forecasting tools designed to help brands more efficiently run their businesses.

There with you

We want you to have a smooth transition onto our all-in-one banking platform. Highbeam’s seamless onboarding process and expert support will get you up to speed on your timeline. Create an account in less than five minutes and fully migrate over within an hour, or at your own pace with our white glove support.

How to get started

Highbeam works best with brands that have achieved multi-millions of dollars in sales. If you’re ready to join the most intelligent banking platform for ecommerce businesses, we’re here to help. Sign up here or send us your questions at hello@highbeam.co.

Banking that helps brands
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